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EVOO Vinaigrettes

Meet our new line of extra virgin olive oil-based vinaigrette dressings, crafted with tons of flavor and only 60 calories or less per serving.

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"A constant fixture among 'Best' lists, California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil has become a regular go-to choice for home chefs."

- Tasting Table

Best Sellers


Aluminum Bottled Oils

Meet our smallest, newest eco-friendly offering, starting at $8.99.


Wine Marinades

Elevate your favorite meat, seafood or vegetables with our newest line of Wine Marinades and Sauces. Crafted with our award-winning extra virgin olive oil.

Award-Winning Taste

With over 230 awards in the last 10 years, elevate your cooking with our extra virgin olive oils, vinegars, and sauces.

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