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It all started with real, good olives

From our farming practices to our family values, California Olive Ranch holds itself to the highest standards.


Our Story

Bringing the spirit of California into all we do

Our Values

No matter where we grow, our values remain the same


Over 230 awards in 10 years

In the 20 years since we milled our first batch of olive oil, we’ve always set out to do one thing: make exceptional tasting extra virgin olive oil. That hasn’t gone unnoticed. Not only do we produce top rated olive oil, but our family of extra virgin olive oils has won hundreds of awards at competitions throughout the United States and the world. We think that’s brag worthy.

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Giving back matters

California Olive Ranch is proud to collaborate with the community through donations to support worthwhile charitable activities.


Join the California Olive Ranch Family

Learn about our day-to-day operations and view open positions.