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Introducing Our New Smart Labels

Image Above: Using your smart phone on our new smart labels

These days, everything is "smart"

Smart phones, smart TVs, smart water bottles, smart dogs… well, maybe not yet. We couldn’t be more excited to join this smart party with our new smart labels. With this launch, we further our commitment to transparency here at California Olive Ranch.

With a simple scan of the QR code on the back of a bottle with your (smart) phone, you’re transported to a mobile site where you can dive into the nitty gritty details of the olive oil bottle in your hand. You’ll be able to learn specifics about the source and quality of your oil and go as deep into the information as your interest takes you.

Learn more about the source of your oil

These QR codes will be on all of our 100% California Medium EVOOs as well as our Global Blends. While the front labels of our bottles already disclose exactly where your product is from, we take you a step further into the source of the oil in your specific bottle and share the exact percentages of the oil from a specific region. We also offer a brief overview of each specific region; if you double click on California for example, you can see the counties of California where olives are grown. We also highlight more detail on the Harvest Year(s) of the oil and provide some additional education popular topics like the smoke point of EVOO.

Learn more about the quality of your oil

Image Above: Mary Mory, VP of Quality & R&D surrounded by olive oil

What we are really excited to share is some select chemistry testing results – again for your specific bottle! This is really unique in our category. As the leading producer of California EVOO, we are proud of our California standard and hold all our oils (regardless of origin) to that high standard.

The testing results include the following measures and compare against the California standard:

  • Free fatty acid, which tells you the quality of the olives at harvest
  • Phenol content, which helps you understand the strength of the antioxidant properties in the oil – which is one of the most important healthy attributes of EVOO
  • Oleic acid, the quantity of the healthy monounsaturated fat content in the oil which also helps detect adulteration

Radical Transparency is one of our core values at California Olive Ranch

We go further than any other major brand on the market, by disclosing the source of our oils on the front of our labels. Now we are leading the industry again with our smart labels, bringing you deeper into the source and quality of your specific bottle. We have worked hard to earn your trust over the last 20 years, and we believe this new effort reinforces our commitment to quality and how proud we are of the products we sell.

As a team of farmers and food scientists, and we are involved every step of the way in the process from tree to bottle, and now you can be too.

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