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Discover what key packaging elements to look for when selecting a high quality extra virgin olive oil.

Dark Glass

Notice that our bottles are always in dark packaging? This dark color will help protect your oil from light and prolong the life of the oil. Always remember to keep it away from light and heat and use it up quickly once you open it.

Look For Certified EVOO

All of our extra virgin olive oils are certified by Applied Sensory, a third-party certifier that follows the standards set by the Olive Oil Commission of California (OOCC), revered as one of the strictest in the industry, for oils produced in and imported to California.


Extra virgin olive oil is essentially olive juice – extracted from the flesh of the fruit.

Harvest Date

This date indicates when this oil was made; the fresher the better!

Store Away From Heath & Light

To prolong the life of the oil in your bottle, store it in a dark cool place and always remember to seal the cap tightly. See: What Affects Quality

Non-GMO Verified

This verification seal indicates that our extra virgin olive oil has gone through the Non-GMO Project verification process, ensuring that our olives have not been genetically modified.

Like Fine Wine, Natural Fruit Sediment May Occur

Natural Fruit Sediment may occur and is totally normal in all olive oils. After we mill our oil, we rack the oil and let the remaining water and particles of olive settle to the bottom of our tanks and remove. Once the oil is ready, we move the oil to smaller blending tanks and ultimately into bottles when an order is made.

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