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At 35, Jamie Oliver is at the top of his culinary game. He’s a television star, restaurant operator, cookbook author, even a Twitter sensation.

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The British celebrity chef's prodigious use of olive oil has become a regular topic of conversation on the popular messaging service. We keep our eye on Twitter traffic for news and information about extra virgin olive oil. And lately, lots of Tweets have been coming from U.K. viewers of Oliver’s cooking shows on the telly.

And for good reason. Jamie Oliver really likes to cook with EVOO. We’ve already noted the British celebrity chef measures it by the “glug” instead of a “drizzle.”

Judging by the Tweets we’ve been tracking, others have taken notice, too.

“Does Jamie Oliver bathe in olive oil? He uses SO MUCH!!” exclaimed someone identified by the Twitter moniker @petestuart. (Even if he doesn’t, it's worth noting that Italian film legend Sophia Loren attributes her natural beauty to “spaghetti and the odd bath in virgin olive oil.”)

There was this Tweet yesterday from @LilyyBoo_TW: "just drizzled some peppers in olive oil- I feel like Jamie Oliver. HUZZAH!"

Oliver is a crusader for healthy eating. The first season of the ABC TV series "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" featured the chef attempting to revolutionize the eating habits of Huntington, W. Va. (The Los Angeles public schools, however, recently opted against proceeding with a similar Oliver venture.)

Given Oliver’s penchant for olive oil — one Tweet even noted his last name contains the word “olive” — we've collected a sampling of some of our favorite Tweets:

  • “Jamie oliver bloody loves olive oil” (@emswebby)
  • “when Jamie Oliver says a swig of olive oil, he means half a bottle!” (@emma_beecher)
  • “Me leaving the house: "Keys, wallet, phone." Jamie Oliver leaving house: "Parmesan, anchovies, crushed garlic, lemon, glug of olive oil"...” (@enotriauk)
  • “Jamie Oliver - keeping the olive oil supply-demand balance in check since 2001” (@rossess86)
  • “Jamie Oliver loves his olive oil #justsayin!!!!” (@JojoCardle)
  • “News warning: Jamie Oliver has used up all reserves of olive oil!” (@NattyPop)
  • “How much olive oil does Jamie Oliver use? He must go through vats of the stuff on a weekly basis.” (@Farhana_Munshi)
  • “Jamie Oliver might as well change his name too Jamie Olive-Oil.” (@CydneywithaC)
  • “Jamie Oliver must have shares in olive oil and lemons.” (@adam_bannister)

Like @LilyyBoo_TW, maybe you'll think of Jame Oliver the next time you drizzle your food with olive oil or pour a glug in frying pan. Better yet, maybe you'll Tweet about it.

Bon appétit,

Claude S. Weiller

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

California Olive Ranch

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