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Lucini is dedicated to bringing you the best Italian ingredients, whether it’s our EVOOs, our vinegars, or our high-quality organic pasta sauces and pestos. As pasta experts, we’re not only thrilled to share with you our organic pasta sauce, but we’re glad to share our advice with you to take your pasta to the next level. Here are five easy suggestions that you should consider trying out the next time you make pasta.

Make It Yourself

The best way to take your pasta to the next level is to simply make it yourself from scratch. Nothing compares with the taste of homemade pasta and by doing it all yourself, you’ll be sure to have the freedom to experiment with it in different ways until you get just the right result that you’re looking for. It’s not even as difficult as it seems! Even if you don’t have a pasta machine, a heavy rolling pin will get the job done.

Shape it up

Did you know that there are over several hundred different pasta shapes? It may come as a surprise to most because most traditional pasta dishes are made with the spaghetti noodle, but why not break that trend and switch up the shape of your pasta! There’s plenty to choose from and it can definitely give your pasta a more unique feel.

Stuff It

If you’re going to be making ravioli, tortellini, or any other type of pasta that can be stuffed, why not experiment? There are plenty of unique ways that you can stuff pasta – don’t just limit yourself to the basics! Some less-used suggestions can include lobster, truffles, egg yolk, and fruit. Or anything really - the possibilities are practically endless!

Add Color to It

Another suggestion is to change up your pasta’s appearance. With the help of additional ingredients, you can modify the color of your pasta from its natural, bland yellow appearance to something more original. For example, you can use the flavoring of high-quality pasta sauce to give your pasta a reddish appearance or you can use spinach to turn it green. It’ll certainly give your pasta a more vibrant look!

Try Different Flavors

While adding color to it may make a visual difference, changing the flavor can dramatically change the entire dish! This can include herbs that you add into the dough or even the premium tomato sauce that you use. Here at Lucini, we offer our own organic tomato sauce to give your pasta an authentic Italian taste. It may be the missing ingredient that you’ve been looking for!

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