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We're excited to introduce our newest offering, extra virgin olive oil sprays. After years of fielding questions from people wanting to know "do you offer sprays", we can finally answer with a resounding yes!

Curious about our sprays? Read on to answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

Why did you create sprays?

We got a lot of feedback that people were looking for easy, no mess ways to lightly oil their food or cookware. We developed these sprays to meet those needs!

How should I use these sprays?

Sprays can be used grease baking pans, waffle irons, or air fryers, to use in applications like grilling, sauteeing, or roasting, and as light finish for any meals.

What flavors are available?

We're launching our sprays in 2 flavors - our flagship 100% California, perfect for grilling, sauteeing, or roasting, and (for a limited time) our Sweet Vanilla Baking Blend, perfect for greasing baking pans, using on waffle irons, or spritzing on ice cream.

Are sprays available in grocery stores?

Our sprays are available online and in-store, if you you don't have them at your local grocery store, we encourage you to submit a request to your favorite local grocer!

Are there aerosols or propellants?

No! We use compressed air to dispense the olive oil.

How do I store my sprays?

Similar to glass bottles, we recommend storing away from heat in a dark cabinet. The nozzle system does eliminate the oil's expose to light and air, which preserves the freshness and flavor of the oil.

Ready to give them a try? Order yours today!

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