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At California Olive Ranch we take pride in challenging convention to help change the olive oil industry for the better. Over twenty years ago, we revolutionized olive growing practices in the United States and helped establish the California standard for extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), one of the strictest standards for quality in the world. Our award-winning products have helped millions of US consumers eat healthier and make more delicious meals, something we are truly proud of.

Now, we are challenging conventions again. Over the last several years, we have embraced new, more sustainable practices across our business, hoping to inspire others to do the same. In our inaugural impact report, we outline some of the exciting things we are doing, and I am thrilled to share our progress thus far.

Acting sustainably is an ongoing journey that requires a sustained commitment. While we have come far, we still have much work to do. We know our efforts in regenerative farming practices, new product and packaging innovation, and community involvement can contribute to making our world a happier, healthier place for all.

Thank you for supporting California Olive Ranch as we work towards creating a better future.

Michael Fox

California Olive Ranch Impact Report 22

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