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We’re looking ahead to 2011. But we also want to look back at the events of the past year. Below is a sampling of some of our favorite blog posts from 2010.

What does Jamie Oliver Mean By a "Glug" of Olive Oil?

We’d already answered the question: What is a drizzle of olive oil? (It’s entirely personal and depends on which cook you ask.) We next began coming across British chef Jamie Oliver’s use of the expression, “a glug of olive oil.” We set out to determine what the celebrity chef meant.

Ending the U.S. Dependence on Imported Olive Oil

We figured this topic would elicit some comments. Sure enough. “It can happen!” exclaimed an Australian olive oil expert. “Sorry, but do the math,” said a U.S. olive oil expert. It’s a debate that will be decided over time. But at the very least we’d like to vastly reduce the country’s reliance on imported olive oil.

Olive Oil Primer: Poaching Seafood at Home in EVOO

We’d never poached anything in extra virgin olive oilbefore. So we were blown away when we poached some halibut a friend of ours had caught in Alaska. It was succulent and moist, with a rich yet delicate flavor. Some people raise their eyebrows when we tell them about this cooking method. Our response: Try it! You'll be amazed.

Meatless Monday and Newly Meatless Mario Batali

More and more chefs are getting on the healthy eating bandwagon. Jamie Oliver has been particularly active in a campaign to get kids in this country eating healthier foods. Mario Batali raised eyebrows earlier this year when the “the King of Pancetta” embraced the Meatless Monday concept at his restaurants. We offered up our own Meatless Monday menu.

Filtered vs. Unfiltered Olive Oil: What's the Difference?

We field a lot of questions about extra virgin olive oil. Why do different oils have different colors? (Much depends on when the olive is harvested.) Can you bake with olive oil instead of butter? (Yes.) Can you fry with extra virgin olive oil? (Yes.) The question we probably hear the most is what’s the difference between filtered and unfiltered EVOO. We explain.

Chef at Golden Globe Uses our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We were psyched by the news that our EVOO would be among the California-grown ingredients chef Suki Sugiura would be using to prepare the 2010 Golden Globe Awards Show Dinner. The Beverly Hilton chef was serving Tinseltown’s heavyweights a locally inspired menu showcasing the bounty of California’s agriculture.

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