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We have a variety of extra virgin olive oils each with their own unique flavor profile. To help round out your favorite meals, use this handy guide for selecting the right extra virgin olive oil to enhance your dish.
When selecting extra virgin olive oils, it’s a good idea to consider the foods you plan on using them with. That’s because olive oils come in a wide range of flavor profiles. Each oil takes on a unique blend of flavors based on the specific olive cultivars used in crafting them. The extra virgin olive oil you choose in preparing your food can do one of two things:

COMPLEMENT the flavors of your ingredients by blending in as a nice buttery aid in the cooking process

CONTRAST the flavors of your ingredients by highlighting the oil and bringing out the fruitiness or bitterness of the oil, thereby adding more richness and complexity to your dish

We usually recommend our Everyday or Mild & Buttery to complement your ingredients. Meanwhile, our Miller’s Blend or Rich and Robust can contrast effectively with your ingredients.
The following is a pairing guide when using our extra virgin olive oils, and we encourage you to play around and find a pairing that you enjoy.

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