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Fresh Oranges with Toasted Fennel


Recipe Summary

Recipe Servings: 6 portions Recipe Preparation Time: 10 minutes Recipe Cook Time: 5 minutes


3 seedless navel oranges 3 tablespoons fennel seeds 1/2 cup Lucini® Premium Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil® 1 bunch arugula for garnish Salt and freshly ground pepper


Cut off ends of orange with sharp knife. Remove peel until only flesh is showing. Slice oranges horizontally into 1/4-inch slices. In a nonstick skillet stir fennel seeds over high heat until fragrant and lightly toasted. In coffee or spice mill grind fennel seeds until almost powdery. Using six plates, arrange two orange slices on each. Lightly coat each orange slice with ground fennel. Drizzle Lucini® Premium Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil® over oranges. Add arugula as garnish. A special and delicate treat, as an appetizer or intermezzo.

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