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Chive and Shallot Vinaigrette


The perfect salad requires the right dressing. This simple but tasty vinaigrette uses Lucini Italia Co. Italian wine vinegar and premium extra virgin olive oil along with chives and shallots. Don't settle for store-bought dressing. This recipe is as easy to master as it is to make. It only required about 10 minutes’ worth of preparation and mixing to create a light but delicious dressing.

Vinaigrette That's Versatile

Better yet, this vinaigrette isn't just for salads. It works just as well as a fresh sauce for fish. Pour it over grilled seafood to give your fish that extra bit of flavor. The Italian wine vinegar provides a pleasant kick while the premium extra virgin olive oil brings everything together into a smooth vinaigrette. The wrong dressing can ruin an otherwise excellent salad. The right one can make even the most basic dish memorable. The next time you are making dinner, impress your friends and family with this delectable vinaigrette with Lunini Italia Co. ingredients.

Recipe Summary

Wonderful for salads as well as grilled fish. Recipe Servings: 6 portions Recipe Preparation Time: 10 minutes Recipe Cook Time: 0 minutes


2 large shallots, peeled and finely chopped 1/4 cup of Lucini® Premium Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil® 3 tablespoons of Lucini® Pinot Grigio Italian Wine Vinegar 4 tablespoons freshly chopped chives Salt and Freshly ground pepper to taste


In a small bowl whisk together the extra virigin olive oil and the shallots. Add the vinegar and whisk until well combined. Add salt and pepper to taste. Just before serving add chopped chives. Wonderful for salads as well as grilled fish.

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