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A favorite responsibility of mine during our olive harvest is choosing the oils we use to make our Limited Reserve extra virgin olive oil. It’s our most prized oil – the freshest we mill. When you taste Limited Reserve, you experience a sudden and amazing fresh olive fruitiness, followed by a pleasant peppery tickle in your throat.

California Olive Ranch Limited Reserve extra virgin olive oil

We plan to begin bottling our Limited, as we call it, within the next few weeks. Modeled after the Olio Nuovo tradition in Italy, Limited is bottled intentionally with olive fruit suspended in the oil. Those particles are what deliver that “burst” of fruitiness in your mouth – along with the highest degree of health benefits and freshness. (Click here to order Limited Reserve.)

My job is to select this oil each year to represent the best pressings from the first few weeks of harvest. I’m looking for a fresh fruit and grassiness up front, and complexities in the middle and finish.

Unlike our other oils, Limited basically goes straight into the bottle without spending many weeks in a tank, where the fruit particles settle and are then removed. Those fruit particles ultimately ferment. That’s why the shelf life of Limited – it's best used within nine months of harvest – is less than half that of our other oils.

Like the oil itself, Limited’s availability is fleeting. We bottle it just once a year, during harvest. (Click here to order Limited Reserve.)

In recent years we’ve used Arbequina olives to make Limited, along with a splash of our Koroneiki oil. This year, however, we’ll be using all three of our olive varieties: Arbequina, Arbosana and Koroneiki.


My colleagues and I love to let our culinary imaginations run wild when it comes to Limited. It’s fantastic drizzled over roasted and grilled vegetables as well as butternut squash soup. It’s also good drizzled on bruschetta, white pizza, or tossed with pasta and garlic. And it’s perfect for dipping crusty bread accompanied by a sprinkle of flaky sea salt. We’ve also drizzled it atop poached eggs as well as our favorite meats and seafood.

This is our most special oil. The California Olive Ranch team works so hard to produce the best extra virgin olive oil possible. From farm operations to our milling and bottling teams, the entire California Olive Ranch staff hopes you enjoy this year's Limited Reserve selection.

Bon appétit,

California Olive Ranch Master Miller Bob Singletary

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