Chef's Tips

Welcome to our selection of tips from top chefs and cookbook authors who love cooking and preparing food with our olive oils.

Dan Kluger

Dan Kluger of ABC Kitchen in NYC offers this recipe idea:

“Slice a rustic sourdough loaf into ½ to ¾ inch. Pour a generous splash (about two tablespoons) of olive oil in a nonstick pan, and heat over medium flame. Put slices in pan, rub the bread around a few seconds to absorb the oil, and flip over. Let cook, under a small weight if necessary, until golden brown. Flip to cook other side. Top and serve while warm.” As seen in New York Restaurants, February 2011.

Roasted Beets with Yogurt: Atop wax paper inside a sheet of foil, pour about 1 tablespoon olive oil over 4-5 beets, assorted variety. Lightly sprinkle with salt. Fold into a little foil package, pop them in 400 degree oven for 1-1.5 hours. Pierce with knife to check tenderness. Peel while warm; cut into quarters or half. In mixing bowl, toss beets with olive oil, sprinkle with salt. In a serving bowl, place a spoonful of greek yogurt; place beets over yogurt. Sprinkle with a touch of aged balsamic and olive oil, sprinkle with fresh chervil and ground black pepper. As seen on Martha Stewart Television. Air date September 2010.

Alice Medrich

Alice Medrich, James Beard award winning chef and cookbook author offers these thoughts on cooking with California Olive Ranch extra virgin olive oil:

“I cook with it, drizzle it on all sorts of savory foods from asparagus and poached eggs to desserts such as vanilla ice cream or a slice of chocolate torte. It's affordable, fresh, and delicious and I use it regularly (and generously) to experiment with new desserts.”

"I'm noticing a shift towards cooking with olive oil because of the different flavor profiles to pair with your dessert ingredients. Much like a painter has a palette of different colors, olive oil varietals come in many different flavors and choices to work with. You just have to find the best one that plays with the flavor you are trying to achieve."

“The Arbequina's fruitiness brings an upbeat flavor when paired with the type of chocolate I use. That's the fun of experimenting with different oils and different ingredients. Much like different wines, from mild to robust, every oil has a different flavor profile. The health benefits are just a bonus!

Marie Simmons

Marie Simmons, James Beard award winning chef, cookbook author and food writer talks about how she uses the different varieties of California Olive Ranch extra virgin olive oils:

"California Olive Ranch oils are my go-to oils for all my cooking needs. I am drawn to the soft fruit and sweet buttery notes of the Everyday California extra virgin olive oil and the slightly more fruity Arbequina for everything from salad dressing, drizzling on cooked vegetables (it’s great on corn on the cob) and legumes, for making mayonnaise, dips and spreads, for sautéing, roasting and even for baking when I need a cake for a special occasion. For bigger flavored foods like Broccoli Rabe with Crushed Red Pepper, Asparagus with Melted Parmigiano Reggiano and Tomato Salad with Ricotta Salata and Basil I reach for Miller’s Blend, a more pungent oil. I bring the bottle of Arbosana extra virgin olive oil to the table where its robust taste complements Garlic rubbed Bruschetta with Swiss Chard and Pecorino Romano Curls, is heavenly drizzled into a hearty bowl of minestrone, and irresistible when steamed into the innards of a fluffed baked potato. Indeed, my passion for olive oil is such that I have been tempted to rub it behind my ears, like a fine perfume.”