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From our California ranches to your professional kitchens, we’re committed to providing you the highest quality extra virgin olive oil freshly created right here in the US.  We believe that in every delicious plate you serve, every ingredient matters, and it all comes together with our award-winning fresh flavor that matches no other.  We are proud that some of America’s leading restaurants, chefs, and culinary institutions are naming California Olive Ranch as their selected provider of quality olive oil. 

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Read what chefs are saying about us


Trey FosheeGeorge's at the Cove and Galaxy Taco, La Jolla, CA
“I prefer to use the freshest EVOO possible for my cuisine – not one that has been on a ship for months before it arrives. I also prefer using California grown products and California Olive Ranch provides a consistently fresh, delicious, high quality product that I can always count on. I have personally visited California Olive Ranch’s entire growing, harvesting, and milling operation and so know first-hand how they maintain the freshness of the product at every step along the way. I don’t know of any foreign producer able to provide COR’s level of quality and traceability – right down to the acre. It’s really quite impressive."

Antonia Lofaso_75

Antonia LofasoScopa and Black Market, Los Angeles, CA
“It's all about having an extra virgin olive oil that allows each dish to shine, highlighting the subtle ingredients without overwhelming the subtleties of each component. I finish almost every dish I put out with a dash of California Olive Ranch."

Evan Funke_75

Evan FunkeBucato, Los Angeles, CA
“Good extra virgin olive oil is all about depth and richness through simplicity. I have used California Olive Ranch for years because it it so well balanced while hitting a few key notes of freshness that I look for in a good extra virgin olive oil."

Ori Menashe_75
Ori MenasheBestia, Los Angeles, CA

“My restaurant, Bestia, revolves around products from California. California Olive Ranch blends so well with our pastas, pizzas and salads, and enhances the flavor of almost every dish we share with our guests."

Michael Anthony_75
Michael AnthonyGramercy Tavern, New York, NY

“California Olive Ranch combines the thoughtfulness required to make an artisanal oil with the precision, expertise, and technology necessary to scale production that allows it to be affordable."

Ryan PrewittCochon, New Orleans, LA

“I really like the way California Olive Ranch Arbequina extra virgin olive oil works with our raw fish dishes. It's fresh, a little fruity and has enough edge to make the oil an important component of our raw bar program."

Matt Woodall_75

Matthew WoodallCochon, New Orleans, LA
“I love using California Olive Ranch extra virgin olive oil because the flavor enhances our Cajun Southern dishes at Cochon without overpowering them. It's nicely balanced oil with great mouth feel; and it definitely feels right buying American."

Karen Shu heashot_75

Karen ShuABC Kitchen, New York, NY
“I have high standards and expectations for all the ingredients we use at ABC Kitchen. When I need olive oil, it's a clear choice to use California Olive Ranch."

Chef Parke Ulrich_75

Parke UlrichWaterbar, San Francisco, CA
“The versatility of California Olive Ranch extra virgin olive oil is what I love about it. Butter is one dimensional, whereas olive oil can take on many different flavors and be used in many different preparations."

Perry HendrixAvec, Chicago, IL
California Olive Ranch extra virgin olive oil has an interesting depth and range of taste, which can add layers of flavor to my food. I also like its versatility. We use it in everything at Avec, from deep frying to finishing a dish."

Anthony Coffey, Torrisi Italian Specialties, New York, NY
“I love using California Olive Ranch extra virgin olive oil because of the soul and harmony it brings to the simplest of ingredients. A fresh quality oil does not overpower but carries and elevates whatever product you are using it with, creating a simple yet complex flavor profile."


John AdlerFranny's, Brooklyn, NY
“I love California Olive Ranch extra virgin olive oil because it is luxurious without being overwhelming.  It transforms food from delicious to extraordinary without overwhelming the components of the original ingredients."

Ryan PollnowCentral Kitchen, San Francisco, CA
“I love California Olive Ranch extra virgin olive oil because of its complexity and variety.  Whether you're after a peppery finish to a vegetable dish, a grassy component on a raw fish application, or even a buttery characteristic in a dessert, extra virgin olive oil can do all that and so much more."

Brad Farmerie, PUBLIC, New York, NY
“I like to use California Olive Ranch in a variety of ways as a cooking medium - marinating meat before cooking, using it for sautéing and shallow frying, all the way to confit and deep frying.  We also use it for a wide variety of finishing with extra virgin olive oil as a drizzle, a dressing, an infused oil or a powder.”

Alejandro Rodriguez
NOPA, San Francisco, CA
“I love California Olive Ranch because it is natural, more nutritious and tastes delicious.”


Tony Ferrari, Hillside Supper Club, San Francisco, CA
"We love California Olive Ranch extra virgin olive oil because of its light texture but what healthy richness it adds to food. The sheen it gives to salads and crudos is like nothing else.”

Johnathan Sutton, Hillside Supper Club, San Francisco, CA
"Our approach to olive oil is simple find an amazing producer like California Olive Ranch that takes pride in their product from the soil, to harvest, and the first press into the bottle."

Dan Kluger

Dan Kluger, Formerly of ABC Kitchen, New York, NY
“Your olive oil really makes a difference in the dishes we create. It really pushes them over the edge, and the taste sells itself. California Olive Ranch oils are so good, they speak for themselves.”

Suzanne Goin

Suzanne Goin, AOC, Lucques, Tavern, Los Angeles, CA
James Beard Foundation winner
"My favorite is California Olive Ranch's Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Arbequina’s fruitiness is the perfect olive oil to finish off a roasted pear and endive salad, or drizzle to enhance a seasonal gazpacho.”

Alice Medrich

Alice Medrich, James Beard award-winning chef and cookbook author, Berkeley, CA
"Because of California Olive Ranch, I've stopped buying inexpensive imported olive oils in favor of California oil. I cook with it, drizzle it on all sorts of savory foods from asparagus and poached eggs to desserts such as vanilla ice cream or a slice of chocolate torte. It's affordable, fresh, and delicious and I use it regularly to experiment with new desserts.”

Marie Simmons

Marie Simmons, cookbook author and food writer, James Beard award-winning chef, Richmond, CA
"California Olive Ranch oils are my go-to oils for all my cooking needs. I am drawn to the soft fruit and sweet buttery notes of the Everyday California extra virgin olive oil and the slightly more fruity Arbequina. For bigger flavored foods, I reach for Miller’s Blend, a more pungent oil.”

Fran Costigan, cookbook author
“I am very pleased with the California Olive Ranch Oils, and specify them in my classes and recipes.”

Paula Wolfert

Paula Wolfert, Julia Child/James Beard/M. F. K. Fisher award-winning cookbook author, food writer
“In the past 4 years, I've switched to California Olive Ranch Arbequina exclusively in my cooking. In fact, all the recipes using olive oil in my new cookbook, “The Food of Morocco” due out this fall, all were created with your Arbequina.”

Rich Torrisi and Mario CarboneCarbone, New York, NY
“California Olive Ranch olive oil, made in California, is lighter in flavor and perfect for fish and vegetables.”